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New Projects, Rebuilds & Initiatives

As a Kitchen Equipment Supplier (KES) Franke delivers complete foodservice systems to restaurant operators around the world. With manufacturing and distribution in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Franke offers global leverage and local experience.

New Builds, Rebuilds & Re-Imaging

Project Management

Our customers know that development planning and execution can be very difficult without a good support network. Franke Project Management controls the sales order process and directs all information into the supply chain. Tracking progress of new locations and renovation construction is key as all equipment orders are placed in coordination with anticipated delivery, installation, start up of all required equipment . Our mission is to convert each construction project into a fully functional restaurant faster than expected, keeping our customers out of the nuts and bolts of the operation, because they have better things to do.

Market Management

Developed in the early 80's to support chain operators individual needs, Franke Market Management resources are located worldwide, supporting local markets with a global perspective. Armed with our exclusive order configurator (OCS) each Franke Market Manager provides personal experience and expertise focused on new store, remodel and equipment replacement solutions - close to the customer and an Internet connection away from the factory.

Design & Engineering

As a full line foodservice equipment manufacturer, Franke is proud of it's history in helping major chain restaurants grow. Developing products exclusively for our key customers is core to our mission. We understand that what is custom to the general market is considered standard for each customer. Utilizing the latest in 3-D design and engineering tools, Franke develops conceptual renderings and animations to speed evaluation and decision making prior to prototyping activity. Stainless steel fabrication, refrigeration, ventilation, holding, warming and dispensing represent only part of our capabilities.


From laser cutting, multi-axis bending, robotic welding and cellular manufacturing flexibility, Franke supports our customers with quality products assembled and shipped in a just in time environment. The factory floor downloads customer requirements just days prior to shipment understanding the changing environment restaurant construction sites create. Linked directly to Market and Project Management resources, Franke factories globally are capable to communicate and share engineering, bills of material and assembly instruction.

Product Management

Managing customer product information is an essential building block for producing fast, accurate documentation. From early proposals to final order revisions, the quality of product information is critical to the success of any order large or small. Powered by PBS, exclusively developed by Franke, a solid information foundation has been established from which all other activities flourish.


It doesn't matter if it is a 40' container, 53' trailer or an overnight package, Franke knows how to move products. Our transportation partners by road, ocean or air understand safe, on time delivery. From our loading dock to your parking lot - Franke is indeed a one stop shop.